3 Do-It-Yourself Crystal Projects

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Crystals are associated with elegance, charm, and healing. These natural jewels are among the most prized and well-liked ornaments and decorations. As you may have seen, most chandeliers at opulent hotels, casinos, and offices are made of rare crystals.

These valuable stones may be used in a variety of ways. Because these opulent-looking stones are available for purchase, many homemakers choose to do-it-yourself projects. We’ve gathered a list of crystal crafts that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

Terrarium of Fairies
You may have heard of a garden terrarium before, but for those who haven’t, they are essentially made up of a sealable glass container in which live plants may be placed. Consider it a tiny greenhouse with the added benefit of being transportable.

You simply need crystal points or clustered crystals to create a fairy-like notion for your terrarium. Amethyst, rose quartz, citrine, and blue calcite are the best crystals to utilize. Their dazzling colors may give off a magical vibe, so place them carefully. You may also use the crystal points to construct a mini-castle tower.

Paperweights made of crystal
If you want a project that is less flashy but still draws attention, you may construct your own paperweight out of crystals. An orgonite pyramid is one of the most intriguing paperweights you can make. There are several tutorials on how to construct orgonite pyramids, but all you actually need are crystals, metal shavings, a mold, and composite resin. The advantage of producing an orgonite pyramid is that you may customize the overall look of the paperweight.

Photo Frames
Are you tired of staring at framed images on your mantle? You may wish to modify the frame to give them a new appearance. This inventive project requires just a few of medium-sized crystal pieces, gold or silver colored wire, pliers, and pictures.

The first step is to make a loop at the top of the wire where the picture will be placed. You may use scrap paper instead of images to determine how much room is available for the picture itself. Next, determine the desired distance between the top coil and the crystal. It is entirely up to you whether or not you abbreviate it. Finally, wrap the wire around the gem to create a base. Choose a crystal that will be steady on a level surface and that you will not easily knock over.

You may also locate a crystal geode and use its points to hold an image. Alternatively, if you have a huge piece of crystal, you may cut it in half horizontally to suit the base of the image.

Final Thoughts
There seems to be no lack of DIY crystal crafts available. We hope you will think about the ones we listed above and have pleasure while completing them.