Cleaning Tips for Teak Furniture

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Although teak outdoor furniture is one of the most lasting pieces of furniture you can buy, it might need some TLC now and then. Teak wood requires little care, but if you want to return the wood to its rich, honey color after a few years, keeping your teak furniture clean is simple.

The first thing you should do is get a teak wood repair kit. It’s fair to pay a bit on a truly high-quality kit since it will last you a long time. Teak’s beauty lasts for years, so you won’t need to bring it out too often. When your teak furniture does need some TLC, a teak wood restoration kit is the ideal answer for protecting and preserving your patio furniture.

Now that you’ve obtained your kit, you’ll find that restoring the appearance of your teak wood garden furniture is simpler than you think. Follow the instructions below to get your furniture looking great in no time:

Step One: Before utilizing any of the cleaning items in your kit, thoroughly clean your furniture. You’ll need to perform this to ensure that any access dirt build-up is removed since you’ll need a clean surface to work with. A decent brush should suffice. If your furniture isn’t too unclean, a simple washing with the hose would suffice.

Step two: Take the teak cleaner that came with your cleaning package and start cleaning. This must be combined with warm water. Make a solution of one part cleaner and five parts warm water. Give it a vigorous swirl to ensure that everything is well combined.

Step three is to re-dip your scrub brush in the cleaning solution. Scrub the mixture all over your furniture to remove any leftover dirt and filth. If necessary, use a smaller brush to reach those difficult-to-reach spots. When you notice that the dirt has been removed from the wood, wash it down with water.

Step four is when your teak brightener comes into play. After washing your furniture, use the brightener in your cleaning kit to go over the surface with a clean towel. Teak brightener should be diluted in equal parts with water. Follow the direction of the wood grain while rubbing the brightener over your furniture. Even if the wood is still wet from the cleaning, apply the brightener. Once around 10 minutes, rinse off the brightener after it has settled on your wood furniture.

Step 5: Apply your teak oil as the last step in the procedure. It is essential that the wood has thoroughly cured before attempting this procedure. Take a clean towel and massage it into the wood again, this time following the grain’s direction. You may apply two to three applications of oil, but each layer should be allowed to dry for six hours.