Roof Fall Protection Systems- Portable Railings
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Roof Fall Protection Systems- Portable Railings

Roof fall protection systems protect your employees and eliminate the risk of possible falls. A fall hazard is not something you want when it comes to occupational safety or health.

Australian scaffolds are proud to be an Australian manufacturer. We offer portable and easy-to-install roof guardrails that comply with regulations. Our roof fall protection systems are also permanent.

Fall Protection Railing

Protecting the roof from potential hazards is the best thing to do. Use a temporary handrail to remove any hazards. Roof guardrails from Australian scaffolds can be used to effectively eliminate these risks and promote a safe roof area. The right fall protection railing can save lives.

Fall protection railing is essential for all industries that require rooftop access. Roof guardrails can make the difference between a job well done and one that ends in disaster.

Let’s take a look at the statistics regarding rooftop accidents and the need to install roof fall protection systems.

  • Falls account for one-third of all deaths in the roofing industry. Fall hazards can be found everywhere, from residential construction to commercial construction.
  • One-third of all falls in the construction industry are caused by falls from roofs.
  • Nearly 40% of construction-related fatalities are due to falls, which makes it more urgent for safety measures.

Temporary Construction Guardrails

As you can see, temporary roof protection systems are vital in the department labor. They help with roof installation, snow removal, roof maintenance, and building construction.

We offer temporary construction guardrails. Australian scaffolds can provide temporary guardrails for roofs and portable railing for stairs. Although the statistics above are alarming, they only include actual fatalities. They do not account for other fall-related injuries.

The building owner must decide whether portable fall protection should be provided. This should also be the norm for roof workers.


  • Non-penetrating, conventional fall protection system that exceeds fall protection regulations.
  • In just one hour, you can install more than 175 feet of guardrail onto rooftops.
  • This product is suitable for use on concrete, asphalt, PVC membranes, wood, and felt.

Fall Protection

It is essential to have an adequate fall protection railing to prevent a fall. It is understandable, however, that you don’t want to spend a lot on powder-coated equipment.

You don’t need any hazard if you find a reliable, well-made product such as Australian scaffolds’ temporary railing equipment. You don’t need fancy labels or brand names. Our portable fall protection is convenient and offers convenience.

We are experts in roof fall protection. Roof fall protection made in Australia is not just for professionals, but for everyone who does projects on weekends.

You should consider a roof protection kit if you fall under either of these categories.

Fall Protection Equipment From Australian Scaffolds

Roof guardrails can help you achieve this. It is your responsibility to ensure safety for your workers and yourself every day. You need the best roof fall protection systems to minimize your risk.

The roof safety rail system we use is non-penetrating. This means that each piece fits perfectly into the other. This is possible by using a toe board for portable guard railings.

The bottom of the toe board is circular and raised spokes to allow for roof guardrails to fit into the holes. You can add or remove roof safety rails at four corners with our toe boards. You can create your portable fall protection system and place it wherever you want.

Toe boards are 2 feet wide. They can be extended up to 10 feet in increments of 1 foot. We offer two colors: powdered yellow steel and grey steel.

All you need is fall protection equipment that is both functional and easy to set up. You will find portable fall protection here that accomplishes both of these goals.

Roof fall protection systems can be a great way for your loved ones to stay safe in a storm or while they are outdoors. It’s easy to create a safe space and keep everyone safe with portable railings. You can choose from a range of sizes and shapes to suit your needs. These temporary roof safety railing can be used during severe weather or to protect someone outside.