Why Trash Chutes Are Vital?

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Most people still have the task of removing their garbage by hand. The trash is usually left at the door until they are picked up by an operator. Liquids that have leaked from trash bags can attract rodents, insects, and other pests. It also increases cleaning operations costs and the occupancy of the elevator. It is common to locate the trash receptacle in a remote part of a building. This can be time-consuming and take time away from your home or office. Hot summer temperatures can accelerate the degradation and purification process of waste. This is an issue when you consider the smelly, corrosive air that waste bacteria produce. A rubbish chute hire is a great option for those who work in large buildings.

What Is A Trash Chute?

A trash chute refers to a large, flexible tube that is used for moving trash to a central location. Trash chutes are equipped with a rectangular, or square-shaped bottom hinged door that opens just like an oven door. For ease of access, most trash chutes have one door per level. The chute itself measures 600 mm to 800 mm in diameter. Place trash in the chute opening, and it will fall to the basement or lowest floor of the building.

Trash Chutes

Trash chutes are now common in commercial and residential settings as well. Residents, employees, or cleaning staff can’t lift large quantities of trash by using elevators or stairs in large buildings. Trash chutes work well to consolidate garbage from all over the building in one place that can be easily picked up.


The building’s trash chute makes it so that workers don’t have to carry garbage around from their workplace to an outside container. Because a trash spit makes waste disposal convenient and easy, buildings with a trash chute do not have the same problems as buildings that don’t have one. You can also equip trash chutes with source separation systems, which allow buildings to reward valuable waste.

No-Touch Trash Handling

The trash chute can be used by an occupant to bag the trash and drop it into the chute. The trash will fall straight from the chute to a roll-off dumpster or bin on the lowest level of the building. This is where it stays until it’s removed. The dumpster or bin can then be loaded onto trucks and taken for disposal.

Safety Hygiene

Once the trash has been placed in a garbage chute, workers in the building have no direct contact. The trash has been removed from any occupied areas of the building. This will reduce the likelihood of insects, rodents, and other pests getting into the building. To help control bad odours and prevent germs from spreading, chutes can be outfitted with automatic cleaning systems.


Trash chutes can be made from stainless 304 or316 and have a minimum thickness of 1.5mm. The chute throats form the intake doors. All chute sections should flash within the sections beneath. There must be no bolts, clips, or any other projections inside of the chute to restrict the flow.

Pre-positioned support frames guarantee proper intake levels. Furthermore, there are no expansion joints in the chute between all of the support joints.